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Super Snake - Volume 4: Influenza Forever vinyl


Image of Super Snake - Volume 4: Influenza Forever vinyl

Super Snake presents their newest and finest work to date with "Volume 4: Influenza Forever." Foregoing the insanity of location recording as per their "Leap of Love" album, "Vol. 4" instead creates the atmosphere within the music itself. Never has the band sounded so dangerous, so dynamic, and so hi-def. Produced and mixed by John Ferrara (Trophy Scars) and mastered impeccably for vinyl by Kevin Mattesky, "Vol. 4" presents a sonic experience that is not afraid to show all of Super Snake's psychedelic grime in fine detail.

LIMITED EDITION first press of "Volume 4: Influenza Forever" on a "Flu Symptom of the Blue Universe" - light blue/black galaxy vinyl.

Ships mid-September 2019.

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01. Drag Me to Help
02. Do You Need Me, Honey?
03. Buckles

04. Back on My Bullshit
05. Shrug Rug
06. Dicky Ruby